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10 April 2011
Crew Dogs is doing well. Doing the comic by hand makes a big difference for me. I cant wait to have a new drawing pad.

If I have enough time I will do further updates to the site and expand but for now I'm just taking things slow.

I've decided to put last week's comic and this week's comic up for sale at the same time. This way each time I update the website the comic will go on sale.

Right now I am selling through e-bay but if it seems that is not working out or if I get any e-mails from people who are stationed overseas and cannot use e-bay I may transition to selling each comic at a set price.

Currently standing at 2.5% towards my final goal. Only 97.5% to go...


Any views or opinions expressed in "Crew Dogs" are the responsibility of the author and do not necissarily reflect the official policy or position of any agency of the Department of Defense or the United States Air Force. "Crew Dogs" is a satire. Any similarities to persons, places, or events (unless specifically referenced) is entirely coincedental and unintentional.